Saturday, May 29, 2010


So it seems as if just yesterday we were sitting in the hospital room waiting so patient for the little Bridger man to get here! An here we are today celebrating his first birthday! What a day we had!! We decided to go ahead and go along with the John Deere theme, which turned out SOOO cute! We had some great family here to help us celebrate this special day! Bridger got so many fun toys he's unsure of where to begin! We got him his very own cake to dig into, and boy did he think that was the funnest thing in the world! He had a blast playing in the cake! We had cake EVERYWHERE!! on the walls, the floor, you name it bridger had cake thrown! I was very sad at first thinking bridger is now 1. But we are so blessed to have such a healthy wonderful little boy! This first year went by so fast, but we had so much fun, and defiantly learned a lot through each day we spent with him! We love you bridger!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Briger just recently had his spring pictures done! His uncle JR took them, and he did an AWESOME job! Bridger did a great job at smiling and being so good, here are a few of the cute pictures....

I guess its time to update this blog, haven't been on forever and so much has changed in such a long time!!!....Its hard to believe that almost a year ago we were sitting in the hospital waiting for Bridger to be born! He is going to be turning a year on May 29! I wouldn't trade that day for nothing! Our little Bridger is changing so fast! He is developing the funniest little personality! He knows where his head is, he thinks he needs to feed himself,(and no he's gotta feed himself what EVERYONE else is eating!), and he's getting OHHH so close to walking! We love our little buddy!!!! He defiantly loves his family, and LOVES being outside! If he goes outside he screams and cries when its time to come in! Beyond Bridger almost being a year, Korby got on full time with the BLM fighting fires! That was such a relief off of our shoulders! He left for 5 weeks back in March for a firefighting school in California! We also took bridger on his first outing to the lake, and red cliffs! He had a blast and when it was time to go home he balwed and cried! Well thats all for now...

Monday, October 26, 2009

how fast time goes

well, my little Bridger man is now 5 months! Its so crazy how fast the time flies. He's accomplished so much in the last 5 months! He's started rolling over, and eating solid foods! He's getting quite the personality too! Its so amazing how much they change in such little time!!! He's getting to be so fun, and we love him so much!!